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Caprock High

The Caprock Longhorn Band strives for the highest in musical achievement, integrity, and performance. Each ensemble member is driven toward common goals that elevate and mature the program, as well as themselves. We are determined to achieve musical excellence with every member, and endow a lasting passion for music. The band program achieves such commitment by studying quality wind literature in both concert and marching band. 

Members have multiple mediums in which they can strive for musical excellence. The most noticeable is the award winning Longhorn Marching Band.  As the Marching Band continues to grow, we have added a few extra flares that will bring special attention to our performances. Caprock is proud to have a Color Guard. With the combination of flags, dancing, and musical expression, the color guard will bring that extra push that we need to continue our success.

In band, students have multiple opportunities to develop leadership and teaching skills. The honor of being a part of the leadership team, loading crew, and drum major team sharpens the skills needed to be a successful leader in today’s society. The ultimate goal of the Longhorn Band is to not only play music, but to play music passionately.

Musicians will leave the band program with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed to continue their drive to make music. By participating in band, the musicians join a large family of peers and mentors that are connected and motivated by common artistic expression. We are proud of the foundation that this band has been built upon. We thank the community, alumni, and administration for the continued support in helping make the Longhorn Band a success.

Head Director, Kyle McDonald
Assistant Director, Neil Barbaro