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Austin Middle School Theatre Arts

Austin’s Theatre program offers students three levels of training throughout their middle school careers.  Beginners are introduced to the basics of mime, voice and diction, improvisation, and rehearsal processes.  As Intermediate students, young actors focus on using movement, vocal variety, and imagination to explore characterization as they hone their performance skills.  When students finally arrive in the Advanced class, they use their previous training and experience to try their hands at script selection, plot analysis, and principles of directing. All three levels culminate each semester with a one-act performance that showcases the many talents they have developed in class.

Alex EasterlingDirector: Alex Easterling
Alex Easterling started teaching theatre school in the fall of 2013. She attended Austin as student and was thrilled to be returning as the director of the theatre arts program, a program she credits with sparking her love for theatre. She attended West Texas A&M University after graduating from Tascosa High School. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in theatre education and was a graduate of the Attebury Honors Program. She has directed many shows over the years; earning first division titles, best ensemble awards, and awards for excellence in technical theatre. Since taking over the program it has grown in size and quality competing in two One Act play festivals a year.