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Caprock High School Art

Caprock High School Art Teachers:

Melinda Anderson, Art I & Drawing
Megan Harris, Ceramics
Shawn Kennedy, Drawing and AP Studio Art
Angela Stevens, Art I

Caprock High School Ceramics Program
The Caprock High School Ceramics Program offers an introduction to ceramics through a study of history, design, vocabulary and construction techniques. The main objectives are to learn and use a variety of approaches to ceramics including pinching, coil-building, slab construction and wheel-throwing. Finishing techniques including the use of slips, glazes and paints are learned so that students will have the skills to create original functional and sculptural artworks. Classes include multimedia presentations, teacher demonstrations and critiques. The majority of student’s class time is spent as “studio days” (brainstorming, sketching and making and finishing ceramic pieces.) Caprock High School is pleased to offer a well-furnished studio to students. There are six pottery wheels, two extruders, a slab-roller and a large digital electric kiln.  Students are able to fire their pieces to a range of temperatures, allowing them to experiment with many different surface decorations.

Caprock offers Ceramics II and III. They are both year-long classes. Art I is a pre-requisite for these classes.  All Ceramics classes fulfill a Fine Arts Credit and are counted towards a Fine Arts Endorsement.  

Caprock High School also offers extracurricular activities through the Ceramics Program. This includes the CHS Clay Club. Any 10 th -12 th grade student may join the CHS Clay Club to learn more about clay, make new friends and serve the community through art. The Clay Club partners with Amarillo Museum of Art by volunteering at museum events. They also volunteer as Craft Project Leaders at Boo at the Zoo every Fall.

Ceramic students at CHS have the opportunity to participate in art shows such as Regional VASE, Visual Art Scholastic Event, and TPISAS. They have the ability to compete for art scholarships at that event as well. Students also showcase their work in the Art Hall Cases, so their peers can enjoy their creations.

Mrs. Megan Harris is the Ceramics teacher at Caprock High School. She holds a M.F.A., Masters of Fine Arts from WTAMU and a B.A., Bachelor of Arts, from Radford University. In addition to teaching, Megan is a mother, wife, artist and art business owner. She enjoys making vibrant paintings, hand-made stoneware pottery and figurative sculpture. Easley's artworks have been shown in competitive national exhibitions as well as juried art festivals around the country. Her artwork is found at her studio and gallery, Blue Sage Pottery, in Amarillo, TX.

Megan Easley"I am thrilled to be teaching Ceramics at Caprock High School. It is truly my dream job, and I feel so lucky every day to work at this amazing campus with such wonderful students. I am overjoyed with how our students have embraced this artistic medium and created impressive sculptures and wheel-thrown pieces. I am so excited to see what the future hold for my students." – Mrs. Harris