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Pre-K Information

Pre-K Pre-Registration

Pre-K Application Form – READ FIRST!
Before you access and begin completing the Pre-K pre-registration form, please explore our new Pre-K clickthrough guide to see if your child qualifies for AISD Pre-K, and to also help determine the campus location and our half-day and full-day Pre-K options for your child. At the end of the next section, there is also a listing of AISD staff you can contact for assistance with using the clickthrough guide and/or assistance for questions you might have when attempting to fill out the Pre-K pre-registration form.

Explore Our New Pre-K Eligibility and Campus Locations Clickthrough Guide

Our new Pre-K “clickthrough guide” helps Pre-K families determine their child's eligibility and campus location options for enrolling your child in AISD Pre-K. After you have submitted your child’s Pre-K registration form, your child's eligibility will have to be verified and confirmed. At least ONE of the eligibility requirements must be met—Please refer to the AISD Prekindergarten Eligibility Requirements section of this page.

  • Determining your child's Pre-K eligibility and campus location is an important step you must take before completing and submitting the online Pre-K pre-registration form.
  • To better assist you in this process we've provided names and contact information on each page of the clickthrough guide if you would like someone with AISD to assist you
    • Our staff members can answer your questions and provide assistance with determining your child’s AISD Pre-K eligibility status. Please note the contact information below.
  • After you have used the clickthrough guide, or received assistance from one of our staff members, return to the Pre-Kindergarten information page to access the Pre-K pre-registration form link.
  • Complete and submit the Pre-K pre-registration form.
  • An AISD staff member will then receive the form and contact you to complete the registration process.

Interested in Our Tuition-Based Pre-K Campuses?

If you have interest in reserving a tuition-based campus spot for your student, you need to first complete the Google Form (Opens in new window) and someone will be in touch with you to continue the process of registration (yes, this means please do NOT use the normal registration form that’s listed further down this web page).

  • Belmar Elementary School 806-326-4050
  • Sleepy Hollow Elementary School 806-326-5300
  • Windsor Elementary School 806-326-5700
  • Woodlands Elementary School 806-326-5800

If you need assistance with navigating this process or have questions, please contact:

  • Rose Hambrick, Executive Secretary, Assistant Superintendent’s Office, 806-326-1145
  • Veronica Duran, Executive Secretary, Assistant Superintendent’s Office, 806-326-1155
  • Brittany Hinz, Early Childhood Education Coordinator, 806-326-1320

Pre-K Pre-Registration Form
Please use the clickthrough guide (see the above section). Also, you can contact our AISD staff (see above, as well) if you have questions when using the clickthrough guide, or if you need assistance when attempting to complete the Pre-K pre-registration form below:

Watch our website for more information about upcoming in-person registration dates.


AISD Prekindergarten Eligibility Requirements [TEC 29.153(b)]:
A child is eligible for enrollment in Pre-K if the child is at least 3-years-old or 4-years-old as of September 1st of the school year in which you wish to enroll your child, and:

  1. is unable to speak and comprehend the English language; or
  2. is educationally disadvantaged; or
  3. is homeless; or
  4. the child of an active duty member of the armed forces of the United States; or
  5. the child of a member of the armed forces who was injured or killed while on active duty; or
  6. is or ever has been in the conservatorship of the Department of Family and Protective Services following an adversary hearing.
  7. is the child of a person eligible for the Star of Texas Award as:
    1. a peace officer under Section 3106.002, Government Code;
    2. a firefighter under Section 3106.003, Government Code; or
    3. an emergency medical first responder under Section 3106.004, Government Code.


  • Proof of income
  • Birth Certificate
  • Current Immunization Records
  • Social Security Card (if child has one)
  • Proof of address (utility bill, or lease agreement, or mortgage agreement)

Military Dependents Must Also Have the Following: 
Department of Defense photo identification or Statement of Service letter from the AG or Human Resources if active reservist or member of the Texas National Guard

Families With Children in Foster Care Must Also Have the Following: 
Documentation from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Resources

Non-Eligible Pre-K Information:

Amarillo ISD is committed to providing direct services for all young children through high-quality early childhood education under the leadership of teachers with university degrees. The District provides a limited number of enrollment slots for three and four-year-old children who do not qualify for Texas public Pre-K as defined by the Texas Education Code 29.153 for Certain Children (Page opens in new window).

George Washington Carver Early Childhood Academy:
Sixty non-eligible children are enrolled in George Washington Carver Early Childhood Academy's full-day Pre-K classrooms each year. To contact George Washington Carver Early Childhood Academy, please call 806-326-4200 or visit their campus at 1800 N. Travis.

Amarillo ISD Pre-Kindergarten Family Engagement Plan

View the Amarillo ISD Pre-Kindergarten Family Engagement Plan (Google Doc opens in new window).