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Hours 8:00 – 5:00 M-F

Mission Statement

Providing assistance to the public and district faculty. We take pride in providing an efficient, customer friendly environment and assisting our maintenance and construction staff with daily tasks to provide a safe environment for our students, faculty, and visitors. 

The Department

Custodial Secretary: To be announced

  • Provides assistance to the Custodial Department, including but not limited to scheduling assistance of employees and substitute custodial staff

Grounds Secretary: Nora Sanchez

  • Provides assistance to the Grounds Department
  • Provides assistance to the IPM Department
  • Maintains fleet vehicle records for district
  • Manages vandalisms, emergency work orders and corresponds with City police. 

Maintenance Secretary: Tina Hawley

  • Provides assistance to the Planning Department
  • Manages and maintains all maintenance and construction department bids  

Maintenance Secretary: Kim McDonald

  • Provides assistance to all trades departments
  • Manages Campus Improvement request and corresponds with Cluster Directors
  • Contact for campus roof leaks and problems
  • Maintains warranty data for maintenance and construction departments

Receptionist/Clerk: Linda Purer

  • Assists maintenance warehouse with all purchases, inventory tracking, and database management