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Locator Map

Below the master map, you will see boundary zone links:

  • High School Boundaries link: Shows all of the high school boundary zones
  • Middle School Boundaries link: Shows all of the middle school boundary zones
  • Elementary School Boundaries link: Shows all of the elementary boundary zones
  • And individual school boundary map links: Shows you JUST a particular school’s boundary zones
  1. Watch a video tutorial to see how the Locator Map works (Opens in new window).
  2. When you click a HS, MS, or Elementary Boundaries link, there is a search function located upon the map where you can type your residential address and it will then place a map location “pin” for your residential address location on the map.
  3. Zoom out so that you can see the red line boundary zone drawn around your neighborhood, and when zoomed out you’ll also see which school is your student’s “home campus” school because it will also be within the same red line boundary zone as your home.
  4. You can click the small icon of the school logo to display a pop-up window that shows the address, phone and fax number, and website address for the school.