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What Is Reading Recovery?

Reading Recovery is a short-term early intervention program that was developed by Marie Clay. It is designed to assist first grade students who are having difficulty learning to read and write.  Reading Recovery teachers provide supplemental targeted instruction to these students.   The goal of Reading Recovery is to accelerate the child’s reading progress so that in 16-20 weeks the child is reading within the average band of the classroom.  Students exit the program once they demonstrate ability to be strategic readers.

Two positive outcomes are achieved that benefit both the child and the school.  One being the child’s lessons are discontinued because they no longer require the intervention and are making adequate progress in reading and writing in the classroom.  The second outcome is a recommendation  made for additional support or assessment.  The school team collaborates to ensure a plan for further literacy support for the child.

Basic Facts of Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery is a short term intervention of 1:1 tutoring for the lowest achieving first graders.  It’s most effective whenever it is available to all students who need it and is used as a supplement to good classroom teaching.

Reading Recovery serves first graders who may not be making adequate progress in reading and writing.

Students are taught individually for 30 minutes every day for 16-20 weeks with a specially trained Reading Recovery teacher.  As soon as the student meets grade level expectations, and can work independently, their lessons are discontinued and a new student is selected.

Reading Recovery teachers are experienced, certified teachers who:

  • Receive a full year of intensive graduate level training
  • Work with students as soon as training begins
  • Provide individual, accelerated instruction
  • Scaffold instruction to meet individual learning needs
  • Continually observe and evaluate their students’ progress
  • Make moment to moment decisions that ensure high-quality instruction