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The DEAC Shall:
  • Be involved in establishing and reviewing the District's educational plans, goals, performance objectives, and major classroom instructional programs. Education Code 11.25(b)
  • Be actively involved in establishing the administrative procedure that defines the respective roles and responsibilities of the Superintendent, central office staff, principals, teachers, committee members, and campus-level committee members pertaining to planning and decision-making at the District and campus levels. Education Code 11.251(d)
  • Address all pertinent federal planning requirements. Education Code 11.252(f)
  • Assist the Superintendent annually in preparing, reviewing and revising the District Improvement Plan. [See BQ(Legal) for plan content and purpose] Education Code 11.252(a)
  • Hold one public meeting, annually, after receipt of the District-level performance report, to discuss District performance and the District performance objectives. Education code 11.252(e)
  • Advise the District staff regarding the District's discipline management program, including the Student Code of Conduct. [See FO(Legal)] Education Code 11.252(a)(E), 37.001(a)
  • Participate in the development of and approve staff development of a Districtwide nature. [See DMA(LEGAL)] Education Code 11.252(a)(3)(F)
  • If the District is not using state criteria for appraisals, be involved in the development of the appraisal process and performance criteria for teachers and administrators. [See DNA(LEGAL) and (LOCAL)] Education Code 21.352(a)(2), 21.354(c)(2)
  • As appropriate, provide written comments on requests for waivers submitted to TEA.[See BF(LEGAL)] Education Code 7-056(b)(2)
  • Annually, upon the Board's request, make recommendations to the Board regarding the number and length of written reports that District employees are required to prepare. Education Code 11.164
  • Annually recommend a school calendar to the Board of Trustees for approval
  • Serve as the District of Innovation Committee according to Chapter 12A of the Texas Education Code