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Another Chance House
209 S. Jackson
Homeless men's shelter. Must seek and maintain employment during residency.

Buckner Family Place

Bucker Amarillo website (link opens in a new window)
This is a Transitional Housing place where single parents can live while continuing their education or training to become self-sufficient. They have support groups, bible studies and private apartments. Parent must pay rent. Call for details.

Domestic Violence Shelter
This is a hidden address to protect women and children. Once the call is made, someone will come pick you up at a designated meeting place. For women and children only that are victims of violence. They provide advocacy and accompaniment through medical, legal and judical systems. Services are also available for men.

Downtown Women's Center
DWC website (link opens in a new window)

This center assists women who want to become drug free and sober. It is a recovery home for women with children and who are homeless. Long term is working towards goals.

Faith City Mission
This is a temporary shelter for men, women and married people. They provide private shelter, clothing and three meals a day. If there are no children, they must leave for the day. Usually 2 week stay unless working towards definite goals.

Faith City Mission: Men's Rehabilitation Ministry
This is a 1-year program for men wanting to change their lives. They work in-house, set goals, attend chapel and meetings, etc. They will assist in job training and employment when ready to leave the program.

Faith City Ministries Hope for Women Discipleship Program
In addition to sheltering homeless women with children, they will now offer this program which is the only residential recovery and discipleship school in our area. It will have a capacity of twelve women with eight rooms designated for housing the women.

1308 S. Buchanan
This is a treatment center for women who want to become sober or get off drugs. This is a residential program and funded for indigent care.  They have to be homeless to access services.

Life Challenge
Life Challenge website (link opens in a new window)

Men 18 and older with the desire to become sober, drug free and that have a willingness to complete a 10-14 month rehabilitation program. No fee. Live in facility.

Martha's Home
1204 W. 18th
Martha’s Home website (link opens in a new window)

This is a temporary shelter for women, with or without children. Stay should be no longer than 3 months. Women must be working or going to school and abide by rules and goals set for them.

CFS Youth Shelter
Catholic Charities website (link opens in a new window)

This is a temporary shelter for adolescents. They are students who have run away, have been placed by CPS or have been placed by parents. This is a temporary placement while other long term placements are being sought.

Salvation Army
2101 S. Van Buren
This is a temporary, emergency shelter for men, women and families. Shelter is provided for up to 30 consecutive days twice a year. (Periods must be split by one night.)