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Speech & Debate

Amarillo ISD High School Speech & Debate Program

Amarillo ISD High School Speech & Debate offers students a competitive program that develops many skills used in other academic areas as well as communication skills that prepare them for future pursuits. Some of the important skills developed in speech and debate include research and organizational skills, critical thinking, persuasive speaking, clarity of thought, and confidence in expressing ideas through oral and written communication. The culmination of classroom preparation in speech and debate is the opportunity to participate in competitive tournaments, workshops, showcases, and UIL events.

High School Courses in Speech & Debate

Dual Credit Public Speaking (AHS, CHS, PDHS, THS)
In Dual Credit Public Speaking, students examine various types of public speaking and the techniques used in effective communication. Students will work on active listening, research methods, effective writing techniques, and communication skills meant to inform, entertain, and persuade. Students will compose and present original speeches as well as evaluate those by peers and professionals.

Debate (AHS, CHS, THS)
Debate introduces students to the four levels of competition: Cross Examination, Lincoln-Douglas, Public Forum, and Student Congress. Through analysis and research, students learn to objectively evaluate and support both sides of various current issues. Debate also exposes students to Original Oratory and Extemporaneous Speaking.

Oral Interpretation (AHS, THS)
Oral Interpretation introduces students to the performance of literature through Humorous and Dramatic Interpretation, Prose and Poetry Interpretation, Duet Acting, and Duo Interpretation. Through characterization, interpretation, and performance, students learn to relate literature to an audience.

Note: Professional Communication is the entry-level course required for graduation and is part of the Career & Technology Department. Dual Credit Public Speaking also fulfills the graduation requirement.

Amarillo ISD High School Speech & Debate Teachers/Coaches

Amarillo High School

Caprock High School

Palo Duro High School

Tascosa High School

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