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Parents as Teachers

Parents as Teachers Interest Survey

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What is Parents as Teachers?
Parents as Teachers, an early education and family support program, helps parents give their children the best possible start in life. Educators trained in early education and child development provide resources for parents beginning with pregnancy or birth until the child enters school.

The first years of life are a period of exceptional growth in cognitive, language, motor, emotional, social and physical development. To build the foundation for success in school and life, parents and educators work together using approaches that help children learn how to learn. Some learning skills are inherent and others are developed through a supportive environment and opportunities. The curriculum supports all aspects of childhood development, all elements of early literacy, the value of interactive play and facilitates parent-child interaction.

Components of Parents as Teachers

Personal Visits: Monthly, bi-weekly or weekly visits are the primary service delivery component. Parent educators share age-appropriate information, help parents learn to observe their child's development, address parenting concerns, and engage the family in activities that provide meaningful parent-child interaction.

Group Meetings: Parents meet at Amarillo ISD campuses and have opportunities to discuss information about parenting issues and child development. Parents learn from and support each other, observe their children play and learn with other children, and practice parenting skills.

Screening: Parent educators conduct annual developmental, health, vision, and hearing screening for early identification of potential developmental delays and/or health, vision and hearing problems.

Resource Network: Parent educators help families identify and connect with needed resources. Programs take an active role in establishing ongoing collaborative relationships with community agencies and organizations that offer additional family services.

Amarillo ISD's PAT program works closely with the national and state Parents as Teachers organizations to provide the highest quality local program possible for children birth through school entry. Amarillo's PAT program is aligned with the District's instructional methodology, PK-12.

For more information about Parents as Teachers, please contact:

Home Educator, Caprock, Palo Duro and Tascosa Feeder Schools
Martha Reynoso,