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Educational Philosophy

Mission Statement

To graduate every student prepared for life and success beyond high school.

Vision Statement

Amarillo ISD empowers scholars to be thinkers, communicators, collaborators and contributors.

Core Values

Core Value #1: Student Achievement

The District’s focus is to ensure superior academic achievement by all students.

Commitment: Superior academic achievement is ensured through evaluation, engagement, curriculum,
and assessment.

Belief Statement: We believe that all students can learn and that they should graduate ready for
college, career or military service because education is the great equalizer in society. 

Core Value #2: Resource Allocation

The District’s resources will be allocated to ensure academic achievement by all students.

Commitment: Academic achievement is ensured by the proper allocation of the District’s
resources to secure safe and well-maintained facilities, appropriate technology and curriculum,
and quality staff.

Belief Statement: We believe all students benefit from the appropriate use of District resources.

Core Value #3: Quality Staff

Academic achievement is the direct result of the District’s recruitment, development and retention of a high-quality and diverse staff.

Commitment: The District is committed to competitive compensation and high-quality staff
development and training for all employees.

Belief Statement: We believe personalized instruction, authentic engagement in the learning
process, the appropriate use of data, and well-maintained and distraction-free learning
environments are critical for superior academic achievement.

Core Value #4:  Stakeholder Engagement

The District will be an essential member of the community and responsive to the needs of District stakeholders.

Commitment: The District is committed to providing high-quality service and communication to
individual students and families, staff and employees, and all of the District’s communities and taxpayers.

Belief Statement: We believe education is a partnership among all stakeholders, including the core
partnership the District has with students’ parents.

*Approved by the Board of Trustees, August 2018