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Educational Philosophy

Mission Statement

To graduate every student prepared for life and success beyond high school.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to empower students to be avid learners, effective communicators, active contributors, and servant leaders, while nurturing compassion, resilience, and resolve in all stakeholders, and cultivating an inclusive society. 

Core Values

Amarillo ISD has established five core values to guide our actions, decision-making, and evaluation as we strive to positively impact the lives of our students, families, community, and the world.

Core Value #1: Excellence

The District will uphold high standards and expectations of excellence and personal growth for every student based on that student’s unique abilities and interests.

Belief Statement:  We believe that every student is endowed with unique gifts and abilities with which they are poised to make a lasting, positive impact on society. It is our obligation to support and foster those unique gifts and equip every student to excel as they continue their education and pursue personal growth and accomplishment.

Commitment: The District is committed to supporting the expectation of excellence by equitably providing superior and diverse learning opportunities, resources, and services for every student.

Core Value #2: Resource Allocation

The District will act responsibly and with integrity in all aspects of its operations.

Belief Statement:  We believe proper and equitable stewardship of District resources is our fiduciary responsibility to all students, parents, and community members and is a powerful tool in dismantling barriers and modeling integrity as a leader in our community.

Commitment:  The District is committed to proper and equitable allocation of the District’s resources and will execute each District action assuring compliance with any legal mandates and consistently doing what is right even when what is right is not easy.

Core Value #3: Superior Staffing

The District will recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse and superior faculty and staff.

Belief Statement: We believe the strength of our District is in our faculty and staff, and superior faculty and staff is the most important school-related factor influencing student achievement. A diverse faculty and staff, representative of the students and community we serve, inspires and empowers every student to aspire to excellence.

Commitment: The District is committed to and will philosophically and financially support efforts to recruit, develop, promote, and retain a diverse and superior faculty and staff, including competitive compensation and high-quality staff development and training.

Core Value #4:  Community Engagement

The District will embrace and value the influence of the diverse community of Amarillo to assess needs and priorities as an essential contributor to the community.

Belief Statement:  We believe the District is an extension of the community and is most successful as a collaborative partnership with students, families, faculty and staff, and community members.

Commitment:  The District is committed to honoring the unique voices and perspectives of students, families, faculty and staff, and community members as we build collaborative partnerships in our efforts to provide high-quality services, opportunities, and timely and meaningful communication.

Core Value #5:  Educational Equity

The District will provide an environment to ensure every student has equitable access to opportunities, services, and resources from which they will benefit and be equipped to navigate, contribute, and excel in a diverse society.

Belief Statement:  We believe discrimination, racism, and bias have no place in the District, school, or society whether allowed through complacency or intentional actions.

Commitment:  The District is committed to supporting effective measures, programs, and plans for the District, its students, and faculty and staff that address and aim to stop discrimination, racism, or bias (both explicit and implicit, and including any systems which may reinforce discrimination, racism, or bias.)

*Approved by the Board of Trustees, October 2020