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International Baccalaureate

The International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO), a nonprofit Swiss educational foundation established in 1968, offers the Diploma Program for students in the final two years of secondary school. The curriculum is internationally based and is designed to provide a rigorous, comprehensive education for the college-bound student.

Each student becomes proficient in language and mathematical studies and participates in an in-depth exploration of the study of human behavior and the process of educational inquiry. The resulting education experience provides the student with a well-rounded, high academic course of study emphasizing the development of the total individual, prompting Education Week to call it "the Cadillac of college-prep programs." Successful completion of the diploma earns students a minimum of 24 college credits in Texas state colleges and universities and may earn students credit and/or advanced placement at colleges and universities around the world. For a complete listing of university recognition policies, visit (Opens in new window).

Participation in the IB Diploma Program usually begins in the Pre-IB courses at the freshman and sophomore levels. Especially in science, history and art, the Pre-IB courses are different in content and/or sequence, depending on which track the student wishes to pursue during the junior and senior years.

International Baccalaureate Diploma

  • An additional diploma - students must meet requirements for the State of Texas diploma; some courses for IB fulfill some of the state requirements.
  • Two-year program - all IB classes are taught in the 11th and 12th grades
  • Each student must complete all the following requirements:
    • Language A1 - English (four years)
    • Language B - Latin, Spanish, French, German (minimum of four years in one language)
    • Individuals and Societies - European History (four year track)
    • Experimental Sciences - Biology, Chemistry, Physics (four year minimum)
    • Mathematics - Math Studies (pre-calculus and statistics)(three years) or Math (calculus and statistics)(four years)
    • Fine Arts - Visual Arts, Music, Theatre (two to four years) or a second science (one year)
    • Theory of Knowledge (second semester junior year; first semester senior year)
    • Extended Essay - based on independent research under guidance of a mentor (one year)
    • Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) - 150 hours from end of sophomore year to April of senior year

Diploma candidates must complete three academic subjects at the higher level (HL-two years to complete) and three subjects at the standard level (SL-one year duration).

The program is currently offered on the Amarillo High School campus but applications are accepted from qualified students across the district and from neighboring districts. Refer to the A.I.S.D. High School Course Guide for course descriptions and a course sequencing chart. Contact the Amarillo High School IB Coordinator at 806-326-2026 for more information.