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Living In Amarillo

Move To Amarillo

With a population of approximately 200,000, Amarillo is a sizable city that’s expanding in every direction. Ever-growing, Amarillo provides ample housing opportunities for every budget and lifestyle.

Buying in Amarillo

Owning your own home is a smart investment. See average home prices by neighborhood (Opens in new window).

Renting in Amarillo

With median rent in Amarillo under $800, renting might be more your speed. Many businesses, including apartment complexes, offer discounts to Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) employees. You will have access on the first day of employment to a listing of all of the discounts and special offers exclusively for our employees. In addition, Peachjar flyers are emailed periodically to all staff with specials and discounts. AISD boasts a strong community partnership. Get a sneak peek at apartment discounts offered to AISD employees (PDF opens in new window).

Top 10 Employers from A.E.D.C

Start Your Life In Amarillo

There’s more to moving than just finding a place to live. Find the resources to address all the nitty-gritty moving details below.

Top Employers

Though you’ll be working with AISD, your significant other still needs a job, right? You’re in luck — Amarillo was ranked number 5 in 2017 for the Best Cities for Young Professionals (Opens in new window). Check out the Top 10 Employers (Opens in new window) in our area (AISD is number one!).


Set up all your home conveniences online.


Changing your address comes with its share of paperwork, unfortunately.