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Custodial Department

Custodial Department

Supervisor: Todd West

Secretary: Vickie Gonzales

Mission Statement

Provide safe and clean facilities for students, faculty, and visitors. We take pride in providing clean and healthy learning and working environments throughout the district.

The Department

AHS Cluster Coordinator: Don Jesson

CHS Cluster Coordinator: John Gallarza

PDHS Cluster Coordinator: Emmanuel Nicolas

THS Cluster Coordinator: Jackie Linton

Custodial Trainer: Angelica Saucedo

Andrea Maldonado

​​​​​​​Cluster Coordinator

  • Supervision of Head Custodians and Custodians in assigned Cluster Campuses
  • Responsible for maintaining overall building cleanliness at each assigned Cluster Campus
  • Responsible for responding to all emergency situations, such as fire, flood, burglary, vandalism, etc.
  • Responsible for coordinating with other District staff concerning, work orders, building rentals, scheduled events, etc.
  • Responsible for overseeing overtime requirements in assigned Cluster Campuses
  • Responsible for overseeing custodial supplies usage at each assigned Cluster campuses

Head Custodian (Day Custodian)

  • Check building for problems first thing in the morning
  • Dust offices
  • Check restrooms and classrooms for supplies
  • Dust mop the halls and pick up trash
  • Clean restrooms throughout the day
  • Maintain litter around the exterior of the campus
  • Maintain the lunch rooms during lunch
  • Maintain and stock supplies

Night Custodian

  • Clean classrooms, dust mop, empty trash, spot mop, clean chalk trays.
  • Clean restrooms, disinfect commodes, sinks and urinals, wipe walls, clean mirrors, mop floors
  • Maintain and stock supplies
  • Dust mop halls and spot mop daily
  • Wet mop halls and buff twice per week
  • Secure the building

Carpet Cleaners

  • Maintain carpet throughout the district

Substitute Custodian

  • Clean classrooms, restrooms, and hallways in the absence of a night custodian
  • Spot mop and vacuum as needed