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Change Your Benefits

All changes to Benefits outside of Open Enrollment need to be made in the Benefits Department at the Education Support Center.

There are only two occasions you may have the opportunity to made changes to your benefit elections. Those occasions are: Open Enrollment or if you experience a qualifying Life Event.  

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment (usually in May of each year) provides a period of time that allows employees to make changes to their benefits. Changes made during Open Enrollment will become effective July 1.

Life Event

Changes to benefits outside of Open Enrollment are regulated by the Department of Labor/ Insurance Contracts. Because of this, you are allowed 30 days (from event date) to make changes and provide documentation supporting your request during the plan year.

Life Events are defined as:

  • Marriage
  • Childbirth and Adoption
  • Death, Legal Separation or Divorce
  • Loss of other Insurance Coverage (New Job, Job Loss or Retirement)
  • Age

Documentation is required for specific change. See the following requirements for each event in order for the Benefits Office to process your request: 

  • Family Status Change - Other than birth of a child, documents that will be needed are: Marriage License, Divorce Decree, Court Document, etc.
  • Loss of Coverage - When coverage is lost due to a change in job status, a “Certificate of Creditable Coverage” is sent to you (typically after coverage terminates) which needs to be provided to the benefits office within 30 days from the loss of coverage or Medicaid. If loss of coverage is due to eligibility of a plan or Medicaid the letter needs to be provided to the Benefits Office. Please note, voluntary drop during Open Enrollment under another plan is not a qualifying event to make changes to your benefits during the plan year.

Copies of required documentation will be needed before changes can be finalized.