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Extended School Day Job Opportunity

AISD ESD graphicExtended School Day - Job Opportunity

“Working in ESD has helped me become a strong and confident leader. It has also reassured my passion for teaching and has me even more excited for the future!”

What is Extended School Day?

ESD is an after school program located at 19 elementary campuses. We serve over 1,000 students each year!

Our after school program offers activities to help benefit students emotionally, academically, physically, and socially. Our students get to participate in many hands-on activities, creative behavior parties and more!


Who Can Apply? 

  • Juniors & Seniors in High School (ESD Student Tutor)

  • High School Graduate (ESD College Tutor) 

What Does an ESD Student Tutor Do? 

  1. Work with groups of students ranging from PK-5th Grade.

  2. Help create and participate in educational hands-on activities for your group of students.

  3. Help students with their homework.

  4. Provide a safe environment for students by helping in classroom and behavior management.

  5. Assist with leadership of elementary student groups in order to improve academic achievement for students. 


  • Flexibility with your class schedule during High School and College.

  • ESD is only in session while school is in session Monday-Friday 3-6pm. You will be off during summers, weekends, and school holidays. 

  • Student tutors make $8.48/hour. After you graduate from high school you will make $11.66/hour. After a full year of tutoring as a college tutor you will receive a pay increase to $12.19/hour. 

  • This position gives you hands-on experience with students and within the education system to see and/or verify if you want to pursue a career in education. 

  • Room for growth within the ESD program.

  • Hands on job skills and training.

Are You Interested in Working as an ESD Student Tutor? Apply Now!

Complete your online application by creating an account in TalentEd:

  1. Go to 

  2. Find the listing “AISD Student Tutor” if you are currently in high school. Or find the listing “Tutor-District Wide” if you’ve graduated from high school. 

  3. Click “Apply”

  4. You will be asked to create an account

    1. You must have an email address

    2. You will create a login and password that you will remember 

  5. Complete all parts of the application and submit.

  6. Once you’ve submitted your application, please  give our office a call at 806-326-1301. 

Contact Information

Chelsea Wright

AISD ESD Program Director