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When an employee is absent for more than five days due to a personal or family illness, birth of a child or military leave, employees are to notify the Leave Office in order to begin the process to ensure proper communication may be made with the campus/building.

The Leave Office will set up a meeting to discuss the requirements needed to begin FMLA, TDL, etc., in order to guide you through the process. In this meeting, the Leave Office will consider: 

  • Reason(s) for Leave
  • Required documentation
  • Overview of Benefits
  • Responsibilities for Leave and Returning to Work

Sick Leave Bank

The Sick Leave Bank was established on September 1, 1983 for eligible Amarillo ISD employees who contribute one Local or State leave day to be used by any member of the bank who suffers a qualifying incapacitating physical illness which extends at least five days beyond their own accumulated sick leave, personal leave and accrued vacation days.

All full-time employees (1050 or more scheduled hours annually) of Amarillo ISD who have five days of accumulated leave (Local or State) as of June 30 are eligible. Conditions known to exist by the employee on or before the date of joining the Sick Leave Bank will not be covered until one year from the date of initial enrollment. This provision will not affect current members who renew their membership.

For initial membership, one day of Local or State leave is contributed. The annual rate of contribution for future years shall be determined and announced on July 1, the beginning of the SLB fiscal year.

Sick Leave Pool

Through the Sick Leave Pool, the district provides employees with the potential of receiving additional paid days to use while receiving treatment for a catastrophic illness.

Employees with a campus/building may contribute local days to a special fund within the Sick Leave Bank, designated for a specific full-time employee who is undergoing treatment for a catastrophic illness. The Catastrophic illness must force the employee to exhaust all available leave time and to  lose compensation from the district for 10 contract days before any donated days can be used. Days donated shall not exceed 30 days within a school year. Contributions shall be on a voluntary basis only.

Benefits Continuation on Leave

While employees are on FMLA or paid leave, the district’s benefits will continue. If an employee is on Temporary Disability Leave and has exhausted all paid days, he/she will be entitled to continue their benefits under COBRA. If an employee is on leave under Workers’ Compensation and has exhausted FMLA (if eligible), he/she will be eligible to continue benefits under COBRA.