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Dual Credit Courses

Dual Credit course availability depends on student requests, staffing, and other resources at each campus. Some courses may not be available on all campuses. The Amarillo Independent School District seeks to provide equal educational opportunity without regard for race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or disability. Students must meet all prerequisite course requirements--in both the Amarillo ISD and collegiate course.

College Algebra taken off-campus is a "college-credit only" course and will not be a part of the high school transcript. Three-hour semester collegiate courses taken at the college or as concurrent enrollment cannot transfer as full-year AISD replacement credit. Before enrolling in a collegiate course, it is advised that students/parents speak to the high school counselor for guidance and information.

Dual Credit Course Options

The difference between Dual Credit and Co-enrollment or Concurrent Courses is as follows:

  • Dual Credit:
    • Dual credit is earned when students complete college credit courses with acceptable grades, gain approval of their high school, and use these college credit courses to satisfy high school graduation requirements
    • Each school district determines which college credit courses they will accept as dual credit in accordance with their district course approval guidelines and how students will satisfy high school graduation requirements. It is important to check with your high school counselor for the most current list of approved dual credit courses.
  • Co-enrollment or Concurrent Courses:
    • A student may enroll in a college credit course and receive only the college credit for that course

Dual Credit Opportunities Via Amarillo College

The Amarillo College website is a great place to learn about Dual Credit opportunities via Amarillo College (Opens in new window), as well as a useful course offerings list categorized by AISD school campus (Opens in new window).

Amarillo College and Amarillo ISD entered into a 2-year dual credit agreement in December 2020 (PDF opens in new window). To see a signed copy of the agreement, please contact Amarillo College or AISD.

Other Helpful Dual Credit Links