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Technician Work Schedules and Procedures

The technicians work schedules are set by agreement between the Clusters and the Office of Technology.

Technician Procedures on Campus:

  • Technicians upon arriving/departing a campus will check in with the School Office and/or the Campus Contact.
  • Technicians normally should arrive no later than 8:00 a.m. for morning schedules and 1:00 p.m. for afternoon schedules.
  • Technicians will call and let the campus know if they are not going to be arriving at the expected time.
  • Technicians have a 1-hour lunch break.
  • Technicians will leave a note or notify the staff member verbally on each device worked on indicating the action taken.
  • Technicians will review actions taken related to the work orders with the campus contact and/or the campus office upon departure. The recap may be either written or verbal depending on Campus preference.
  • Technicians will log in / out via computer each time the arrive/depart the campus.

Emergency Re-scheduling of Technicians

Technician allocated time is a very important District resource. The careful scheduling and use of this resource is important to the District, the Cluster, and the Campus. Therefore, the rescheduling of Technician time to address emergencies is an important decision.

Technicians may be re-directed from their assigned schedule to address District Emergencies by the Office of Technology.

The campus staff, specifically the campus contact, defines the priorities at a campus.

The Cluster Technology Facilitator in coordination with Cluster Directors and the campuses defines the Cluster priorities.

The Office of Technology in coordination with the Cluster Directors defines District priorities.

Emergency Reallocation of Technician Time

When an individual campus has a campus emergency and needs their regularly assigned technician to address a specific need at their campus, the requesting campus should discuss with the affected campus the need for a rescheduling of the Technician. If the affected Campus agrees, the Technician can be released to go attend to the emergency situation at the requesting campus. On the next scheduled visit to the requesting campus, the technician will instead go to the affected campus in � day increments. The affected campus therefore, does not lose technician time, it is reallocated to a different day. The technician then contacts the Office of Technology for keeping track of the Technician scheduling, and to update the calendar.

To enable and facilitate the flow of information, the Technician calendar will be published as a link off of the AISD WEB page. In addition, a hardcopy version of the calendar will be sent to each campus upon request.

Technician Vacation, Personal Time Off, Illnesses

Technician schedules will not normally be readjusted because of missing a campus due to vacation, personal time, or illness. Prolonged illnesses may require a shuffling of other technicians allocated time.

If anyone has any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Trevor Babbitt

Director, Office of Technology