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Other Transfers

Hardship Transfers

Once a student has enrolled in the school serving his or her neighborhood or in another school on transfer, the choice may not be changed during that school year except in the case of a hardship. If a parent wishes to establish a hardship, specific reasons for the transfer request must be stated on the transfer application form. Hardship transfer requests are considered on a case-by-case basis throughout the school year.

School Safety Transfers

In accordance with Board Policy FDB (LEGAL) (page opens in new window) parents may request that their child be transferred to another classroom or campus if the District has determined that the student has been a victim of bullying, sexual assault by another student, or a violent criminal offense while at school or on school grounds. Also in accordance with legal policy and in consultation with the parent, the School Board may transfer a student who engaged in bullying to another classroom or campus. (Board policies FFI (page opens in new window) and FDE (page opens in new window).) For more information, refer to the AISD Student Handbook in our Students section of this website, or call your campus principal.