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District Goals And Objectives


2023-24 District Improvement Plan (PDF opens in new window)


2023-24 District Improvement Plan Formative Review February 2024 (PDF opens in new window)



Mission/Vision Statement

To graduate every student prepared for life and success beyond high school


The District’s goals are:

1. Student Achievement:
Amarillo ISD will increase student achievement for all students.

2. Student Transition:
Amarillo ISD will graduate every student prepared to succeed in their chosen life path, for example, college, career, or military service.

3. Cost Effectiveness:
Amarillo ISD will use resources to ensure academic achievement by all students.

4. Customer Service:
Amarillo ISD will build positive relationships with its stakeholders in a safe learning environment.

5. Quality Staff:
Amarillo ISD will recruit, develop, and retain a quality and diverse staff.


The Board and Superintendent have established the following priorities to provide focus for our efforts and resources: 

1. Safety and Security:
Continue to harden schools and provide systems and support personnel to ensure school is a safe, secure place for students, staff, and stakeholders.

2. College, Career & Military Readiness:
Improve college/career/military readiness outcomes by preparing students for life outside of school and beyond high school.

3. Early Literacy:
Focus on early literacy to improve reading achievement and ensure all students are reading on grade level by third grade.

4. Achievement Gap:
Work to close achievement gaps among all subpopulations.

5. Leadership/Citizenship:
Foster leadership and citizenship in students by promoting responsibility, accountability, and discipline. 

Policy Reference: AE(LOCAL); Educational Philosophy
*Established by Board of Trustees, January 2024