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Graduation Requirements

The State of Texas establishes graduation requirements for our students. This section will provide basic information to help you understand those requirements.

Step 1: Consider what career or job you would like to have in the future. The following resources provide information and guidance to help you explore your interests and aptitudes.

Step 2: Look at the Programs of Study and explore those that interest you. Not all career interests have a Program of Study. If you do not find a specific program for your career interest, consider choosing a related program. Keep in mind that colleges prioritize the rigorous courses on your transcript over the program you choose.

The choice of a Program of Study will determine your Endorsement Area and the Career Cluster.

Step 3: Choose a Graduation Program.

View the AISD Graduation Programs (PDF opens in a new window).

After you have chosen a Program of Study, you will pursue one of the graduation programs below:

  • Foundation High School Program plus one endorsement (for a total of 26 credits) or,
  • Distinguished Level of Achievement High School Program (a total of 26 credits), which also requires an endorsement

A third Graduation Program, the Foundation High School Program (22 credits) is available under certain conditions and only after the sophomore year. School Counselors can assist you in understanding the requirements for this Graduation Program.

View one of the following PDFs for more information on CTE Programs of Study: 

View the Steps Toward Graduation document (PDF opens in a new window) to see how students and parents can prepare for graduation. The Steps Toward Graduation document guides families through each year of school (beginning in the 7th grade year) by listing action steps to be taken by the student, as well as action steps to be taken by the parent.