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Work-Life Balance

Find A Work-Life Balance

Hard work is rewarding in and of itself, but as any seasoned educator will tell you — all work and no play makes a teacher go insane. Lucky for us, Amarillo offers the best of both worlds. Not only does Amarillo Independent School District (AISD) provide a rewarding teaching environment, but our surrounding community also enables our employees to lead enriching lives outside of the school environment.

Cupcakes from Amarillo bakery


While Amarillo is known for the famous 72-ounce steak, our reputation for fantastic food stretches far beyond the grill. Whether you’re enjoying a morning cup of joe, popping in for a bite in between errands on the weekends, or looking for a leisurely diner, Amarillo has no shortage of award-winning locales to satiate even the pickiest of palates. Check out this comprehensive list of restaurants now serving Amarillo (Opens in new window), and new additions are added each month.

Outdoor Attractions

Only second to the Grand Canyon in size, Palo Duro Canyon sits just 30 minutes outside the heart of Amarillo. This state park features trails for hiking and biking, sites for overnight camping, and an amphitheater where the musical “TEXAS” is performed during the summer months. Learn more about Palo Duro Canyon (Opens in new window).

This natural wonder, however, isn’t the only outdoor attraction in the Texas Panhandle. Three public lakes (Lake Meredith (Opens in new window)Greenbelt Reservoir (Opens in new window), and Mackenzie Reservoir (Opens in new window)) are within an hour’s drive from the Yellow City. Enjoy hiking, camping, boating and fishing on a weekend at any of these locations.

Fishing at Greenbelt Reservoir

West of Amarillo sits Wildcat Bluff Nature Center (Opens in new window), a 640-acre tract of prairie with both paved and unpaved trails. Watch for native animals while hiking through the prairie and taking in the mesas and bluffs.

There’s no shortage of outdoor possibilities in town either. The City of Amarillo boasts 55 individual parks (Opens in new window) where you can jog, skate, swim or fish. You may want to go to the Amarillo Zoo (Opens in new window), which is home to 150 animals.

The Rock Island Rail Trail (Opens in new window) also provides an outlet to the outdoors while in town, with approximately four miles of improved hike and bike trails. It is ideal for walking, running, biking or exercising a pet.

The perfect mixture of nature and art, the Amarillo Botanical Gardens (Opens in new window) is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

Art & Entertainment

Home to Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo has a flare for all things art and entertainment. From museums, galleries, theaters, and historic districts to sports venues, amusement parks, and retail shops, Amarillo appeals to a wide variety of interests.

Amarillo Museum of Art

Historically rich, Amarillo’s Sixth Street situated on old Route 66 has become a hotbed for artistic talent. Antiques and handmade items categorize the shops in this district, and local musicians perform in the eateries scattered along this stretch.

On the other hand, the Amarillo Civic Center Complex hosts large, mainstream events. Watch an Amarillo Bulls hockey game, catch any number of arts and entertainment events, or peruse a car show at this event center. Review all the highlights of our city’s expansive cultural scene here (Opens in new window).

Amarillo’s downtown area is welcoming new businesses seemingly every other week. The downtown Embassy Suites, a 225-room hotel, as well as several restaurants, shops and residential sites have already opened their doors. A new AA baseball stadium hosting games for the Amarillo Sod Poodles provides Minor League Baseball enjoyment for fans.

South Amarillo is also seeing growth with a mixture of residential and retail space being added in various developments, such as boutiques, fitness facilities, restaurants — even an indoor trampoline park (Opens in new window). Opportunities to live, eat, play and shop all sit within close proximity of one another.

Other notable Amarillo attractions include the Don Harrington Discovery Center (Opens in new window)Wonderland Amusement Park (Opens in new window)Tascosa Drive-In Theater (Opens in new window), and many golf courses around Amarillo.