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Amarillo ISD Dance Program

Amarillo ISD Dance Program focuses on the development and awareness of body movement, anatomy, and fitness while participating in a variety of dance styles. By mastering movement principles and skills, students develop self-discipline, improved concentration, better posture, strength, flexibility, and all-around healthy bodies that move expressively, efficiently, and safely through space and time with controlled energy. Students will also learn the cultural and historical context of dance as a creative and expressive art form.

Each AISD High School has a competitive dance team that performs and entertains at campus and athletic events, including half-time shows during the football season and campus pep-rallies. Dance teams also perform at concerts and dance competitions both local and state. Participation in AISD dance teams is by tryouts in the spring and includes a commitment to summer camp as well as activities and competitions during the school year.

High School Dance Teachers/Team Directors

Amarillo High (Golden Sandie Steppers Dance Team)

Caprock High (Caprockettes Dance Team)

Palo Duro High (Diamonds Dance Team)

Tascosa High (Belles Drill Team)

Middle School Dance Teacher

Sam Houston

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