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State Accountability Ratings For Amarillo ISD

Texas Academic Performance Report (Opens in new window)

2019 State Accountability Ratings for Amarillo ISD Schools


Please Note: All Districts and Schools Were Not Rated in 2021 Due to COVID-19. The ratings below (2019) are the most recent ratings available.


District Rating:

Amarillo ISD- 87-B Overall Rating

Campus Ratings:

Amarillo High School-90-A

Caprock High School-87-B

Palo Duro High School-83-B

Tascosa High School-84-B

North Heights Alternative-90-A

AACAL – Not rated

Allen 6th Grade Campus-73-C

Austin Middle School-77-C

Bonham Middle School-90-A

Bowie Middle School-85-B

Bowie 6th Grade Campus-62-D

Crockett Middle School-86-B

De Zavala Middle School-90-A

Fannin Middle School-83-B

Houston Middle School-75-C

Mann Middle School-78-C

Travis Middle School-80-B

Travis 6th Grade Campus-86-B

Avondale Elementary-89-B

Belmar Elementary-94-A

Bivins Elementary-94-A

Carver Early Childhood Academy-91-A

Carver Elementary Academy-91-A

Coronado Elementary-79-C

Eastridge Elementary-81-B

Emerson Elementary-94-A

Forest Hill Elementary-82-B

Glenwood Elementary-91-A

Hamlet Elementary-56-F

Humphrey’s Highland Elementary-89-B

Lamar Elementary-93-A

Landergin Elementary- 85-B

Lawndale Elementary-80-B

Mesa Verde Elementary-73-C

Oak Dale Elementary-90-A

Olsen Park Elementary-81-B

Paramount Terrace Elementary-78-C

Park Hills Elementary-86-B

Pleasant Valley Elementary-80-B

Puckett Elementary-88-B

Ridgecrest Elementary-77-C

Rogers Elementary-81-B

San Jacinto Elementary-73-C

Sanborn Elementary-82-B

Sleepy Hollow Elementary-94-A

South Georgia Elementary-91-A

South Lawn Elementary-83-B

Sunrise Elementary-84-B

Tradewind Elementary-90-A

Western Plateau Elementary-82-B

Whittier Elementary-87-B

Wills Elementary-89-B

Windsor Elementary-85-B

Wolflin Elementary-82-B

Woodlands Elementary-93-A