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A Choice District

Amarillo ISD: A Choice District

School Choice has become a political buzz word, but for Amarillo ISD students, choice is not new or trendy. It is the expectation we already deliver.  

In Amarillo ISD, #WeAreChoice. For every student, there is opportunity to discover where they best fit in. Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to education. Our scholars have diverse options available at every level.

As a choice district with a flexible enrollment policy, our students have the opportunity to choose the campus that best meets their needs, even if it’s not their neighborhood school. Students also design their own specialized educational path from elementary through high school with instruction from our team of 100 percent highly qualified teachers. Exceptional opportunities available from our 5th grade string orchestra to dozens of career and technical programs of study enrich students as 21st century scholars every step of the way.

Now is the time to support AISD and public education. Unlike any time before, our students and their families have boundless opportunity and endless choice, empowering them to find their best fit from the right campus to the right class. At a time when discussion about school choice—and where taxpayer dollars should go—are the focus of state and national legislation, we want you to know Amarillo ISD offers the luxury of a personalized education combined with the accountability of public schools.

What Parents are Saying

"It is an honor to attend AISD. I know several people who are out of district who don't necessarily have the opportunities AISD has with such amazing programs. It's limitless."  – Alicia Elizondo, Parent of Five AISD Students
Click here to read more about Alicia's family and their choice to take advantage of AISD's Open Transfer Policy

"We chose Carver Academy because of the different opportunities she'd be able to have, such as the music class, piano, art and Spanish. We wanted her at a young age to have some of those opportunities we would otherwise have to pay for at private school."  – Lanitra Barringer, Elementary Parent

“As a parent we want our kids to be successful. One night at supper, I asked my daughter, who was a junior in high school at the time, what she wanted to do after high school. I told her all about AISD’s AmTech Career Academy, and I listed for her the classes that are offered and what all they do at AmTech to show her some options. I was leaving for work one morning when suddenly my daughter told me that she wants to be an orthodontist. She is in the dental assisting pathway at AmTech, and she is loving it and thriving! We are lucky to have such an awesome opportunity for her to get this experience in high school!”  – Arthur Rodriguez, High School Parent

"We are blessed with two very bright, highly-motivated boys, so we wanted them to be in the place that was the most academically challenge and we heard great things about the advanced placement program at Tascosa High School. We had a chance to meet the staff and faculty and we never second guessed our decision." – Stacy Tormey, High School Parent

What Students Are Saying

"I chose American Sign Language to fulfill my foreign language requirements. It's a unique foreign language and we need more people who can sign."  – Autumn Stevenson, Amarillo High Student

"I've always loved music and I wanted to try something new. I thought it would be really fun."  – Mercedes Dicun, 5th Grade Orchestra Student at Coronado Elementary School

"I chose culinary arts because I wanted to learn more about the different cultures and cuisines of cooking. There are a lot of other activities to do, but this is something that will help me throughout life." – Justice Ochoa, Caprock High School Culinary Arts Student