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Diplomas And Degree Program

What Is The Diplomas And Degrees Program?

Diplomas and Degrees is a highly challenging, four-year commitment for those students who have demonstrated Texas Success Initiative (TSI) scores for college readiness by the end of 8th grade.

Applicants to the program also must be approved by both Amarillo College and their respective high school. Students are eligible to complete an Associates in either Arts & Humanities or STEM.

Students will take both Dual Credit courses (courses in which high school students have the opportunity to earn both high school and college credits simultaneously) and Concurrent Courses (refers to taking courses at an external institution, such as a community college, not for high school credit).

Diplomas And Degrees Course Fees

Course fees for the Diplomas and Degrees Program:

  • Dual Credit: $50 per semester hour
  • Concurrent: $xx per semester hour

The cost of the course and textbooks is the sole responsibility of the student.

Diplomas And Degrees PLAN For Each Amarillo ISD High School

The PDF documents, in the list below, contain requirements for successful completion of the Diplomas and Degrees Program:

Questions About The Diplomas And Degrees Program?

For more information on the Diplomas and Degrees Program, contact:

  • Tracey Morman, Director | Counseling/College and Career Readiness | 806-326-1315