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Impacting Student Lives

Our Partners in Education impact the lives of students in our community in a variety of ways. Over the years, our Partners have worked alongside schools and other business leaders to change the paths of our students in these ways:

  • Providing mentorships for students
    • career mentoring
    • personal mentoring
    • America's Promise mentoring with reading or math assistance
  • Serving as mentors for parents, encouraging and supporting involvement in school activities
  • Advising students in project development
  • Business teams working with students and school administrators
  • Allowing students to participate in work-environment programs
  • Making business departments available to schools
  • Providing summer internships for teachers
  • Providing job-shadowing sites for teachers and students
  • Serving as a tour site for Teachers Touring Businesses Day
  • Providing products of your business to schools
  • Passing along surplus materials and supplies to schools
  • Judging at science fairs, Academic Decathlon, and other academic competitions
  • Providing awards or other incentives to promote academic excellence, good citizenship or attendance
  • Working with your company's corporate foundation to provide funding for special school programs and projects
  • Serving as a Career Day speaker
  • Sharing talent or expertise in areas such as art, music, carpentry, history, travel or public speaking
  • Reading stories to students or listening to students as they read
  • Hosting field trips to businesses or cultural sites
  • Assisting with production of school publications
  • Assisting with the costs of educational materials and equipment
  • Assisting with the funding for a variety of school or district wide activities, programs, or events
  • Hosting special events such as testing-completion and end-of-the-year celebrations
  • Display student work at business site