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Dental insurance makes dental care more affordable! With a focus on prevention, the dental insurance plan covers routine check-ups, cleanings and exams at 100% when using an In-Network dentist.

Using the MetLife PDP Plus network also allows you to pay only what you owe at the time of service. This helps reduce out-of-pocket costs, so you pay less for the dental care you need. If you visit an out-of-network dentist, you don’t get the maximum savings/benefits from a dentist in your plan’s network and you may be responsible for paying the entire bill right away and receiving reimbursement later.

Dental Reimbursement Plan (Grandfathered 6/30/2020)

The dental reimbursement plan reimburses subscriber expenses on procedures performed in a dental office. This plan reimburses claims on preventative, basic, major and orthodontic services with no lifetime max towards any procedures. The reimbursement schedule is 80 percent on the first $250 and 50 percent on the next $1,600 spent during the plan year on dental procedures.

What is Covered

All procedures performed by, or under the direction of, a dentist licensed by the state in which they practice are covered by this plan. Orthodontic treatments are covered subject to dental plan reimbursement limits. Dental prescriptions for medication, take home treatments or late finance charges are not covered by this plan. The program will not reimburse for dental services covered under any current health and/or accident plan.