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Medical Insurance

Amarillo ISD offers two medical insurance plans to eligible employees. Each plan is unique and requires employees to choose the best option for themselves and/or their family.

Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP)

The Consumer Driven Health Plan (CDHP) is designed for employees (and dependents) to have a lower premium, but pay full discounted price for office visits, prescriptions and procedures until the individual deductible of $3,000 has been met ($6,000 for family). After meeting the deductible, all in-network allowable charges are paid at 80% by the plan until the employee has reached a maximum out of pocket of $4,500 ($9,000 for family). Employees are encouraged on this plan to “shop” around to find best price for procedures, prescriptions, etc.


The PPO is a traditional health plan which allows employees (and dependents) to have co-pays towards basic office visits and prescription drugs. All in-patient/out-patient procedures would be applied towards a deductible of $3,000 ($9,000 for family). Once the deductible is met, the plan will pay 80 percent until the maximum out-of-pocket is reached of $6,000 (including deductible/$12,700 for family).

Opt-Out (In-Hospital Indemnity Plan)

Coverage under the In-Hospital Indemnity Plan is available for all employees who choose to allocate their employer medical contribution to this coverage instead of the Major Medical Plan (only for eligible positions). If an employee selects coverage under this In-Hospital Indemnity coverage, that employee cannot be covered under the major medical portion of the plan. Employee must be covered by a creditable insurance plan.

Additional policy information and links: 

Insurance Management Services (IMS) – Medical Insurance

Elixir Solutions – Prescription Benefit Provider

  • RxBin #: 009893
  • RxGrp#: AISD
  • Customer Service: 800-361-4542
  • Specialty Rx: 877-437-9012