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Trades Department

Trades Department

Supervisor: Jeff Millner

Foreman: Allen Brazel

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Mission Statement

Providing a safe and functional learning and working environment for students and faculty. We take pride in quality craftsmanship and repairs throughout the district.

The Department

Preventative Maintenance

  • Maintenance and repair of ceiling, floor tile and carpet district wide
  • Maintenance and repair of door closures and cabinet hardware
  • Maintenance and repair of window structures
  • Maintenance and repair of bathroom partition structures
  • Maintenance and repair of lockers throughout the district
  • Maintenance and repair of overhead screens and bulletin boards


  • Repair or replace doors, door closers, hinges, door stops, and weather stripping
  • Repair or replace acoustical ceiling tile
  • Repair or replace handrails
  • Repair, fabricate, and replace counter tops
  • Renovations from small to large projects
  • Fabricate and install bookcases, shelving, and cabinets
  • Build and repair portable buildings


  • Stain and finish cabinets, bookcases, and shelving
  • Paint classrooms and offices
  • Patch plaster and sheetrock walls and ceilings
  • Repair and repaint portable buildings after moves
  • Repaint marquees
  • Remove graffiti from brick, stone, sidewalks, and painted surfaces


  • Repair broken glass
  • Re-glaze windows
  • Check glass for stress cracks
  • Insure glass meets code requirements
  • Install and replace mirrors
  • Install and maintain glass doors for trophy cases
  • Install and repair windows