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3-Year-Old Half-Day Pre-K Campuses

3-Year-Old Half-Day Pre-K Campuses

Your home campus is based on your residential address. Please use the Locator Map (Opens in new window), and when viewing the map you will enter your residential address into the map’s search bar that then places a location “pin” onto the map showing you where you live. Then, zoom out until you can see the red boundary zone line that surrounds your address. Click the school icon that’s also within the same zone to see the school name.

Do you leave in the same boundary zone as one of the schools below? If you do, then contact the school to learn more and register your child if there is availability in the 3-year-old half-day program.

  • Rogers 806-326-5150

  • Eastridge 806-326-4300

  • Wills 806-326-5650

  • Sanborn 806-326-5250

If you do not live in the same boundary zone as one of the schools above, please proceed to the next step.

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If you need assistance with navigating this process, please contact:

  • Jane Doe, Title (I can put phone number and/or email for Jane Doe here)