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AISD Increases Substitute Teacher Pay Rate and Provides Bonus Pay Opportunities

Posted Date: 09/10/2021

AISD Increases Substitute Teacher Pay Rate and Provides Bonus Pay Opportunities

September 9, 2021— Amarillo ISD is increasing the daily pay for substitute teachers in an effort to combat a shortage of available subs to fill in and help in classrooms. School districts across Texas and throughout the nation have faced a lack of substitute teachers since school resumed back in the fall of 2020.

Chris Tatum, AISD Chief Human Resources Officer, said the strain in the substitute teacher pool is a nationwide problem and AISD is among the long list of affected school districts.

“We can’t have school without subs,” Tatum said. “Today, September 9th, for example, we have 171 teaching positions that need a sub and 74% of those are filled. For those 40 positions that aren’t filled by a trained substitute from our sub pool, we have to use other teachers across a campus who help during their off periods, or we utilize paraprofessionals and also draw from campus administration personnel.”

Tatum said AISD is utilizing COVID-19 relief funds from the federal government in hopes of boosting the substitute pool numbers by increasing the pay rates by 60% and adding bonus money to incentivize potential sub teacher applicants.

“Our lowest paid subs went from $82 per day to now $132 per day,” he said. “The ESSER funds allowed us to move them to an extremely competitive salary in the Texas Panhandle area for a temporary position.”

As for the bonus payments, subs who work 100 days will receive an extra $500 at the end of this school year. The $500 bonus repeats again if a sub works 100 days during the 2022-23 school year. If they remain employed in the third year, 2023-24, the 100-day bonus increases to $1,000.

Anyone interested in employment with AISD as a substitute teacher should visit the following web pages of the AISD website to learn more: