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Campus & Classroom Safety Protocols

AISD will implement increased signage around campuses promoting disease mitigation strategies, increased cleaning and sanitation practices, as well as frequent reminders of hand hygiene and social distancing. Staff and students will need to wear a face mask at school. AISD will comply with all health and safety recommendations established by the health department and Texas Education Agency.

General Information

Where feasible without disrupting the educational experience, AISD will encourage students to practice social distancing. Classrooms will be arranged to maximize space between students. Student desks will be placed a minimum of six feet apart when possible. In classrooms where students are regularly within six feet of one another, teachers will plan for more frequent hand washing and/or hand sanitizing and should consider whether increased airflow from outside is possible. Schools will eliminate all non-essential furniture to help maximize social distancing in classrooms. Students who choose virtual instruction will also help to reduce class sizes and maximize classroom space.

Each campus must plan for entry, exit, and transition procedures that reduce large group gatherings (of students and/or adults) in close proximity. Whenever possible, the transitioning of students will be limited during the school day. Considerations will be made at all levels based on age appropriate student needs. Traffic patterns will be established throughout the campus that separate individuals to the greatest extent possible. Students will be encouraged to move directly from one class to the next without congregating in the hallway during transitions. Signage/floor marking will be posted to reinforce physical distance expectations. All areas of the campus will be monitored frequently to encourage social distancing. 

Campuses may stagger school start and end times, assign students to entries to ensure even distribution of students entering/exiting at each door, provide guidance to students to enter one at a time and wait six feet apart outside the entrance, and, where appropriate, encourage parents to remain outside during drop-off and pick-up.

At this time, AISD will not have activities that bring large groupings of students and/or teachers and staff together [i.e. assemblies, pep rallies, etc.].

Campuses will develop enhanced practices that reduce the likelihood that students meet the close contact definition at lunch and other non-instructional times [i.e. Have students eat lunch at their desks, use of seats that are spaced at least 6 feet apart, use of dividers on cafeteria tables]. 

All areas of the campus will be monitored frequently to encourage social distancing. Social distancing will be observed encouraging individuals to maximize personal space.

When feasible and appropriate (for example, in physical education classes as weather permits), it is preferable for students to gather outside, rather than inside, because of the likely reduced risk of virus spread outdoors.

Campuses will consider limiting the number of students per recess group. Staggered schedules can be utilized when needed. All students and staff will be required to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer before entering the playground and upon exiting the playground. Mini breaks will be implemented as needed, at the discretion of the campus/teacher, and “mask breaks” will be implemented as needed.

The examples of possible campus and classroom safety protocols document (PDF opens in new window) is a sample document only. Campus principals will collaborate with campus committees to create an individual campus plan that aligns with District, local and state authorities.