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Child is 4-Years-Old: Find Your Home Campus

Your Home Campus for 4-Year-Old Pre-K

Your home campus is based on your residential address. Please use the Locator Map (Opens in new window), entering your residential address into the map’s search bar that then places a location “pin” onto the map showing you where you live. Then, zoom out until you can see the red boundary zone line that surrounds your address. Click the school icon that’s also within the same zone to see the school name. Lastly, view the list of schools that offer Pre-K (Opens in new window), and then select an option below:

YES, my home campus offers Pre-K and that’s what I want. Contact the school to register.

NO, my home campus does not offer Pre-K and I need Pre-K.

YES, my home campus offers half-day Pre-K but I need full day Pre-K. Contact a full-day campus, from the list below, for availability and transfer information.

George Washington Carver
Early Childhood Academy 806-326-4200

Glenwood 806-326-4450

Hamlet 806-326-4500

Landergin 806-326-4650

Mesa Verde 806-326-4800

Oak Dale 806-326-4850

Paramount Terrace 806-326-4950

Pleasant Valley 806-326-5000

Rogers 806-326-5150

South Lawn 806-326-5400

Sunrise 806-326-5450

Wolflin 806-326-5750

Community-Based with CLC’s

An AISD teacher is placed at a childcare center and has 3-year-olds in the morning and 4-year-olds in the afternoon. The child’s other half of day and after school care is with the daycare, and the parent must also enroll with the daycare and submit to AISD our CCS form and qualify. This works well for families who need ALL DAY and qualify based on income.

Contact a campus secretary from the list below to learn more.

  • Humphrey’s Highland/Kimble 806-326-4550
  • Emerson/Will Rogers 806-326-4350
  • Bivins/Mary Miles 806-326-4100
  • Whittier/Harrington 806-326-5150

Need Help?

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If you need assistance with navigating this process, please contact:

  • Jane Doe, Title (I can put phone number and/or email for Jane Doe here)