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AISD Educator Receives National LifeChanger Award

Posted Date: 05/09/2022

AISD Educator Receives National LifeChanger Award

May 5, 2022 – Kami Collins, Assistant Principal at Hamlet Elementary School, was named a national LifeChanger of the Year award winner during a surprise ceremony at a Hamlet faculty meeting. Her mother, Shelley Collins, an educator with 34 years of service, was also in attendance to help present the award.

Collins was selected as one of 18 winners out of 850 nominations for K-12 school employees from across the country. She will receive a $3,000 prize, which will be awarded as a $1,500 individual prize and a $1,500 donation to a nonprofit of her choice.

Collins has been recognized for serving as a positive role model to her students. After breaking the cycle of poverty through her education, she is dedicated to her students having the same opportunity. “I understand how it feels to live paycheck to paycheck, but for some kids, that is a luxury. I want my students to see the value of education. As often as I can, I share my story, hopes, and dreams so my students know they, too, can achieve greatness with their education,” Collins said.

 Read Collins’ full LifeChanger of the Year profile here.

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