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SchoolWork Podcast

SchoolWork Podcast

Getting 5k employees in one room isn't an efficient use of anyone's time, nor is it even an option right now. So SchoolWork is an effort to give insight, to inform and to hopefully show you the heart behind why all of us in AISD make our work about school.

Episode Summary and Show Notes are located below the podcast player.

General Information

Episode 3 Summary

From the latest updates on virtual learning to voting to self-care, this episode tries to keep up with the changing winds of 2020.

Episode 3 Notes

0:15 – Welcome and Overview

2:30 – Update on Virtual Learning

8:20 – Exercising Your Right to Vote

14:30 – Tracey Mormon

16:15 – Taking Care of Others by Taking Care of Yourself 

21:15 – Getting Through COVID-19 

27:25 – Can't Let It Go

Episode 2 Summary

We've implemented several years worth of change and technology into the first three weeks of school. It's been a lot. And, now it's time to come up for a breath of air. In this episode we talk about in-person and virtual learning, canvas, and district enrollment.

Episode 2 Notes

1:00 – Welcome

6:30 – In-Person Learning

11:00 – Doing both, In-Person and Virtual

18:00 – Canvas

36:35 – COVID-19 Update

39:40 – Adding Staff + District Enrollment

Episode 1 Summary

A roundtable discussion with Kevin Phillips, Susan Hoyl and Doug Loomis; talking back-to-school in the age of COVID-19 and how, despite its best efforts, the pandemic hasn't stopped important work.

Episode 1 Notes

0:00 - Introduction to SchoolWork.

0:51 - A Message from Doug Loomis.

2:10 - What is SchoolWork?

5:24 - Episode Overview.

6:28 - COVID-19 and the 20-21 school year.

24:48 - What happens when we get a positive COVID case?

33:23 - Staff safeguards if they were to test positive. 

38:55 - Canvas; the new Learning Management System.

48:15 - Update on the Intercultural Development Research Association efforts  & closing the learning gap. 

1:01:15 - Wrap-up.