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Substitute Teaching

Substitute Teaching

Application ProcessSubstitute Teachers 'STAND' in the gap when a teacher is absent

  1. Apply (Do not create a new account if you have an existing one)
  2. Interview (Sent as a link for an online interview)
  3. Staff Trainings and Substitute Orientation (online)
  4. Onboarding/Fingerprinting

Please call 806-326-1496 for assistance with applications.

Application Requirements

Each applicant for substitute teaching must have the following items recorded in their online application profile:

  1. Completed application
  2. Uploaded, official high school/college transcript based on the substitute position applied for. An interview link will not be sent until this has been done.
  3. Optional: Uploaded copy of any teaching certificate the applicant holds

Once the interview is conducted, the applicant moves to ‘Candidate’ status. If recommended for hire, the onboarding process begins.


Onboarding RequirementsStudents at computer

Upon hire candidates will receive a series of emails to complete the on-boarding process, which includes the following paperwork:

  1. Completed W-4
  2. Signed At-Will letter (Letter of Reasonable Assurance)
  3. Completed I-9 (Authorization to work)
  4. Copy of 2 forms of ID (typically Driver’s License and Social Security Card)
  5. New Sub Orientation Information Sheet.

New hire candidates must complete all portions of the online onboarding process within 2 weeks or the offer of employment will be rescinded

Pay Procedures

The daily rate of pay and long-term pay are established each year by the Board of School Trustees. Substitutes will be paid for days worked in the prior month. All pay is deposited to the substitute’s bank account on the 15th of each month.

The following guidelines will be used to determine the appropriate rate of pay for substitutes:

  1. A substitute teacher who works more than four hours of a teacher’s assigned duties MAY be allowed pay for a full day. This is only if asked to stay and continue working by the campus secretary or campus administration.
  2. A substitute who works four hours or less of a teacher’s assigned duties will be allowed pay for a half day.
  3. If the campus secretary asks a sub to work a Full Day job with only a 30 minute lunch break (worked all scheduled conference/PLC periods/off periods) the sub will earn $11 extra.
  4. No deduction will be made for the Teacher Retirement System (TRS). However, if a substitute has worked 90 days in a school year, the substitute may purchase a year of teacher retirement credit.
  5. A deduction will be made for federal income taxes.
  6. Substitutes will pay into TIAA-CREF (457). For questions about withdrawal of these funds, please call 1-800-842-2250.
  7. Substitutes who fail to clock-in or clock-out, or correct and approve their time sheets may experience adverse action to their employment with AISD.
  8. For rates of pay, please see the Substitute Teacher Pay Handbook below.

*All subs including Long Term Subs are limited to ≤16 days per month.

**All subs are required to wear their AISD badge while working on a campus.


For more information on substitute teaching, please review our Substitute Handbook in the Other Resources section of our Employment Policies, Resources & Schedules page.

For more information about becoming a Palo Duro High School Neighborhood Substitute Teacher click here

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